Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Week 8: catching up

Well, I know I missed catch up week and I am still getting acquainted with FaceBook and MySpace. I haven't opened accounts in either because I am still roaming around the sites. Also, with this blog and a Flickr account, don't I have enough presence on the 'net? I belong to several quilting discussion groups via Yahoo, too. Those groups give me good advice, inspiration, and motivation to finish projects.

One of my biggest frustrations in this technological age is the number of user names and passwords one can accumulate. At first I used the same one all the time. But some companies or organizations want longer or "safer" passwords than others. Now I have resorted to creating a Word file of them all, which defeats the whole idea of "passwords" and makes them accessible only from my home computer. An online password management program would be a great boon to me - does one exist?

Meanwhile, I have read a bunch of mysteries, worked on several quilting projects, traveled to West Virginia to conduct a multi-day planning workshop, recommitted myself to a diet/exercise regime, and took care of quite a few B&B guests in the last few weeks. Life is pretty good!