Thursday, April 10, 2008

Totally behind

I have not been keeping up with the 23 things or even my blog, although every week, I mean to do another lesson. The fun of retirement just keeps getting in the way, and now the weather is making it difficult to stay indoors. Even though it's too cool to do much outside, I still find excuses to do so - walking to the post office, taking the garbage out, checking the progress of bulbs, returning library books.

It has been busy here at the B&B, too. I went on a pre-spring cleaning binge, picking a room each day for deep dusting. Paul called it "one woman's war against cobwebs." They certainly have accumulated over the winter. Then Barre had its Jackson Browne weekend and LACE gallery opening, which we helped with. It took about a week to catch our breath, and now we have a bunch more weekend guests.

I have also been madly sewing, perhaps because I know that as the weather improves, I'll do less of it. I am making a small dent in my fabric stash as a result. Today I counted four finished tops of various sizes waiting for quilting. My good sewing machine is being cleaned, but when it comes back, I'll get busy finishing them off. Meanwhile, I have plenty of reading, hand sewing, and even a little yard work to keep me busy.