Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer busy-ness

Many days go by in a cheerful daze of guest breakfasts, room make-up, grocery shopping, and guest check-ins. Maplecroft is busier than ever this June. The price of gas doesn't seem to be curtailing anyone's travel, but it may mean that people stay in one place more than one night, which is nice for the chambermaids (us!). In the past, many people would "do" New England in six days - one state per day. Perhaps with the price of gas, they are concentrating on a few areas instead. I took some guests to Bragg Farm sugarhouse last week, and the owners told me they are busier, too. Today's paper said that tourism is up 25% this year, which is good for the state economy all the way around.

We were, however, saddened by the sudden closing of our favorite local restaurant last week. Sean & Nora's was visited by almost all of our guests at one time or another during their stays, and we went there quite a bit, too. We were happy that we had managed to go a week or so before the closing, and we are optimistic that something similar will take its place. Still, we will miss the community-mindedness of owners John and Shannon, who freely gave to the Friends of the Library silent auction and many other events.

Meanwhile, Main St. has a new topcoat and looks very spiffy. We - and many others - enjoyed strolling downtown Friday night while the street was still blocked off. Studio Place Arts had an opening, and there was the usual line at the Creamee stand. Summer is off to a pretty good start!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gone quilting!

These summer days are just right for quilting - of course, winter ones are, too! A couple of weeks ago, I quilting a brown, peach and teal throw and now have to tack the binding on the back. Then I'll post a photo. It is hard to find time to quilt anything of size since I need to use the dining room table. Since we are busier than ever at the B&B, it's hard to find a day when we don't have guests.

I signed up for a birthday signature block swap on the Dear Jane Alternate List and have been furiously making "siggies" to mail out. In between, I continue to try to make at least one Dear Jane block a week in the new color scheme - Far Eastern fabrics with a black background.

Above is my most recent finish, a pink and blue tote bag made of upholstery sample scraps. I like the two pockets at the ends - great for water bottles!