Saturday, May 17, 2008

Posie tote bag

Here's something I just finished, with much gnashing of teeth since there were problems with the pattern. It's a thank you for Claire, who is stepping down after a number of years as treasurer of the Aldrich Library Friends. It has been a pleasure getting to know her, and I remember with fondness selling popcorn together on the Library lawn last summer.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Spring and vacation

Since I last wrote, spring has come to our corner of Vermont with a vengeance. We had temperatures in the 70's and lots of sun for several weeks. It was time to get outside, rake detritous from the lawn and gardens, mulch, wash lawn furniture, scrub the house, and all the other things that have accumulated over the long winter. There's still plenty to do outdoors, but things are fairly under control now. Yesterday we planted some rose bushes, a gift from some neighbors, and I need to tend to my shady garden behind the garage soon. This year I have decided to plant only cherry tomatoes in pots and some parsley here and there in the flower beds. I am hoping to depend on LACE (Local Agricultural Community Exchange) for fresh veggies.

During late April, Paul and I took our annual trip to Colorado to visit my parents and sister and to chase spring. Unfortunately, spring wasn't as far along as it usually is there, and it even snowed a little on May 1. But we enjoyed ourselves anyway, especially a three day trip to Mesa Verde National Park where the ancient cliff dwellings are fascinating. We stayed at Far View Lodge in the park which offered beautiful vistas at meals and in the mornings especially. We spent a day in Boulder with my sister Jenny, visited the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum and American Mountaineering Museum, and generally relaxed with my parents.

Now that we're home again, we have been busy at the B&B, taking care of guests, serving breakfasts, and cleaning up. So far this year has been our busiest ever, and we have bookings as far out as mid-October already. Paul and I have also been meeting with some local quilt shop owners to begin planning a quilt show for Central Vermont in spring, 2009. We have yet to determine the scope or the date, but it will be an interesting project that can bring some more visitors to Barre.

Hope you all had a happy Mother's Day!