Monday, March 9, 2009

Boxes, boxes, and more boxes

We've been moving a carload or two of boxes every day from Maplecroft to our new house which has been great. We can unload what we brought, put things away... sort of!... and go back and refill the boxes. We've had to postpone carpet cleaning twice, though, due to the weather. Winter just won't quit.

Last night and this morning I made some curtains for the new upstairs bathroom. I'd been saving my Dear Jane "convenience cloth" panel for a special purpose, and this was it. Will post a photo after I get them hung. We have a lot of windows and all the walls are white, so the place is very light throughout. Somehow, there is a peacefulness, too. We can't wait to get everything moved and in place so we can turn our attention to... life!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Closing set for Thursday!

I just changed my photo because we just purchased a home a mile up the hill from Maplecroft. The new photo is a mini I did a few years ago with my old online group. Each person did a round, so it ended up slightly larger than the originally intended mini.

We'll start moving on Thursday and do a serious move with movers later in the month. We hope by then the big piles of snow will be nearly gone. If not, we'll have to hire a backhoe to remove it from our path at Maplecroft. At the new place, we can just go right through the garage into the house. Can't wait!

There are still some items to find homes for, notably the big dining room table. We hope to put the rug that it sits on in our living room, so it would be easier if it were gone. However, it is a handy place to do our taxes and pile our stuff to go to the Salvation Army in the meantime. The basement and garage are our next areas of concentration. Stuff just fills the space available!