Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rain and more rain

These Green Mountains are sure living up to their name as things green up more and more due to the incessant rain we've been having. The sun peeked out for just a minute this morning before hiding again. Still, the grass is growing apace! I am dying to get outside and do a little planting, both around the condo and in my space in the community gardens. My planters are lining the driveway soaking up rain, and I plan to take one back to the porch later and plant it with lettuce. I do have a soggy hanging set of petunias outside already. Just need a shot of color!

Meanwhile, I've been sewing quite a bit. Yesterday, I got ready to do a brief demo on trapunto for our guild meeting last night. I took a very old UFO apart (it's been moved twice!) to see if I could do a little trapunto to improve it. A few days ago, I made this tote out of a block I made last winter in my black, white, and red phase. It was a sample for the applique class I taught, and I also have a similar block in batiks and one in 1930's prints. Thought it was time to move at least one out the door as a gift!

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