Saturday, October 13, 2012

Raspberry Sherbet

I have been collecting selvages for ages.  One year, I sent a batch to Karen, but the next year, I used them for the backs of mug rugs I made for my family and friends for Christmas.  I just cut 1.5" from the printed side of the selvage of everything I cut and throw it into a bag that hangs on the doorknob of my sewing room. 
 Last week, the bag was overflowing, so I started putting them together.  I add a thin strip at one end and topstitch them lengthwise, ending up with 6" blocks.  A few of the blocks were a little smaller, so when I made the sashing (which I had in my stash) I adjusted it to fit so I ended up with 10" blocks.  I purposely didn't arrange the writing all in the same direction so that there's no real top or bottom to the quilt.  After adding a little border, it ended up about 57" square.  I quilted it in an up and down grid, simply, and even sewed the binding down by machine.   Easy - and it really feels good to use stash!

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I like how you used your salvages - I must admit I am still collecting some up when I think of it :) one day they will be used.