Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sarah's Sampler

Years ago, many quilters were working on Jennifer Chiaverini's "Sarah Sampler" quilt, based on her 1999 debut novel The Quilter's Apprentice.  For the online book group I lead, I've been re-reading this "old saw" (as my former colleague Priscilla used to call them) and thinking about making the quilt I never got around to. 

In keeping with my resolve to use more orange, I got out my box of orange and added a pale gray/blue "American Brand" solid for the first two blocks, Ohio Star and Bachelor's Puzzle.  What fun!  There are only 12 blocks in the quilt but I have a nice print for sashing.  Should make a nice quilt.

Today I worked on the guild mystery quilt.  I like it so far because each clue takes about an hour to finish.  Mine is cream with a variety of Civil War-era prints in brown, blue, and rust.  I am hoping to use up all the Civil War prints on this quilt, including the back.  I hope next month will be the time for putting all the pieces together.  What we have so far is very intriguing.  One step called for flipping and sewing a solid to a print, leaving a whole lot of small half-square triangles.  This week I sewed them all together like flying geese for a mini which I layered with flannel to hand quilt.  With all the snow we've had, it's nice to have a couple of projects to work on while sitting on the couch.  I also have knitting - a scarf and a hat - but it's fun to switch it up a little.

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

orange is one color that I use very little of and have very little of - good luck with your quilt