Thursday, September 24, 2015


The gigantic rainbow scrap challenge quilt is done.  What a relief to be able to move on to other projects.  Of course, there are many.  Immediately on tap are:  a center for a guild round robin (two out of four pineapple blocks paper pieced yesterday); a row for an online row robin; raffle blocks for the state guild meeting; and something else I've forgotten.  I also have a couple of projects waiting in project boxes.

Meanwhile, Paul's book has been published and he'll be doing some public programs to launch it.  I get to operate the Power Point slides.  Saturday I'm helping with a storytime in the town forest, and our last Tuesday morning walk is this week.  In a couple of weeks, a friend and I will start a genealogy club at the library, a good winter activity.  Friends need help, too, with transportation, meals, etc.  One is moving next week and another returns from surgery/rehab tomorrow.  Never a dull moment at our house.

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