Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring seems a long way off

A year ago, we packed for a trip south, only to be delayed over and over again by bad weather. In the end, we stayed home and endured the removal of wall-to-wall carpeting and installation of hard wood floors on the first floor. Six days of agony! The result is lovely, though. Now we are planning another exodus and keeping our fingers crossed. Heavy, wet snow - 8-12" of it - is predicted for tomorrow. In fact, something is already falling and the town sand truck as made an initial tour of the neighborhood. We will hope it is all out of "its" system by Tuesday.

Today, I worked on my state taxes, lined up several vendors for the Central Vermont Quilt Show, sent email reminders to other possible vendors, and made binding for two quilts I hope to sandwich at the retreat on Saturday - all before noon! Chris was working on a project for his last class (we hope), so we went to Mr. Z's for pizza. Paul was out jaunting about the countryside with his friend Chet from the Old Labor Hall. They were meeting with some folks from Bread & Puppet Circus who will be doing a program at the hall in March.

When we left for lunch, the sun was waning, but by the time we went home there was a cold, gray cast to the sky. Definitely, it felt ominously like snow. I went to the grocery store to get dog food and a few other items - can't get snowed in with a hungry dog. Everyone in town seemed to be there, and the checker told me it had been busy all day. Tomorrow I plan to hunker down at home - reading and sewing. I have one more black, white, and red Grandmother's Fan block to make for a swap and will make a few more black and white blocks for the quilt I'll put together when the swap blocks come. I love the way they are turning out. Maybe I'll get Jennifer Chiaverini's new book finished before we head south, too.


karenfae said...

when are you planning your trip south and to where? You will have fun I'm sure!

Pat from FL and MI said...

Where will you go when you head south?