Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What I'm working on

Last night Polly asked me what I've been working on, and the number of works in progress I have is staggering!
* pink and brown 6" block a week "virtual bee" with Friendship Swap group
* black, white, and a hint of color 6" block quilt (including swap blocks with Friendship Swap group to arrive mid-summer)
* green and floral Friendship Swap blocks - 20 made so far and due at end of summer
* "Little Amsterdam" table runners - 1 made, 1 put together, a few more to go
* Civil War 9" squares, including those in guild "square robin"
* Friendship swap group row robin - a new one comes every 6 weeks until next January

Several of these WIPs are in large pizza boxes which I shuffle around as the mood strikes. The pink and brown is in a small plastic tub, and the Friendship Swap blocks are in a large plastic bag. Polly limits herself to one project at a time, but I obviously like a little variety in my life.

I also have to hand sew a binding down on my "Candy Land" wallhanging and a hanging sleeve on "Asian Jane" for the May 6 Central Vermont Quilt Show. I also need to create a "Bra Bag for Cancer" for the show. Have an idea for one with very traditional quilt blocks but need to find a sports bra to start.

Today I pulled a 14" batik appliqued block with flowers in a vase out of the closet. Future tote bag?

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karenfae said...

I know what you mean about too many projects - just as I think I am catching up I re-count and realize that although I might have finished one thing I had started two more!! I will never get caught up at this rate on the quilting alone.