Thursday, August 16, 2012

Block lotto

Yesterday, I took a drive down to Waitsfield to Mad River Quilting to deliver the blue and white and lime and black quilts for longarming.  It is always a lovely drive, and now that scrub and grasses have grown up along the river, you can hardly see the damage wrought by Tropical Storm Irene last year.  Let's hope this Labor Day weekend doesn't include another "event."  People are still recovering in so many ways. 

I picked out some black on white fabric for the back of the lime quilt.  I love the selection of fabric in Lisa's shop and wish she were a little closer.  I don't expect the quilts back until early November when I'll see her at the state quilt guild meeting.  We talked about the room set up for the meeting, too, since I'll be handling that and she handles the vendors.

When I got home, I took stock of projects in "the hopper" and finished a block for an online "block lotto."  This month's block has a bright green accent to its mainly black and white colorway:
We can make up to four blocks, and the names of participants are put in a hat.  The winner takes all.  I had a hard time coming up with my bright green accent fabric after making that lime and black quilt.  There were mostly strings left.  But I did manage to find this.  Next month's block has yellow accents and I hope to make a few more blocks since the more one makes, the more chances to win the whole shebang. 

I also made six Sylvia's Bridal Sampler "Wedding Ring 2" blocks for a Christmas novelty swap.  The blocks aren't due until November 30, but I like to keep on top of things.  I also have "Orange Peel" blocks prepared for the swap, and will take them to Colorado when Mom has her shoulder replacement surgery.

Some whim caused me to open the pizza box with my black/white/red row robin strips, and I decided to use them to border something.  I started cutting out 4" "Drunkard's Path" blocks, and made a bunch in black and white fairly quickly using my "Curve Master Foot."  It's fun to arrange them on the wall, so that's what I'll be doing today!

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