Monday, January 7, 2013

First/last quilt of the years

I read an article in Quilters Newsletter late last year (2012!) about a quilter who saved all her trial and orphan blocks and put them together into a memory quilt.  Despite all my efforts to the contrary (potholders, mostly), I had a box full of loose blocks and other things.  So I put them together as a memory quilt at the end of the year.  The center has that "L'il Twister" piece, and, amazingly, I had just enough scrappy log cabin blocks to border it.  There are actually blocks that I made a few years ago, including at least one from my Dear Jane phase.  I added scrappy borders to the blocks to get them all 12".  This was a fun memento to make! 

The back has blocks from a Friendship Block swap this past year.

I received these 15 blocks from the others in the group, which this year is working on an "Around the World" swap.  I'll be talking more about that swap as the year moves on.  At any rate, I quilted the center of "Memories, 2012" on a grid and then did the bigger blocks around the outside individually.  It ended up about 80" x 80" so was a lot to wiggle around in my machine.  Still, any practice I get machine quilting is all to the good.

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