Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Another nice morning walk

Paul, Suzy and I were joined by four others and a nice German Shepherd named Princess this morning.  We headed up the Capital Trail, past the quarry, through Cobblestone Corner, and down the Heifer Pasture trail.  There were a lot of different ferns to look at, and while it kept looking like rain, we were lucky to arrive back at the parking area dry.  Even our feet weren't too soggy.  Guess the ground is soaking up more than it was a few weeks ago.  Here's the group at the #6 Quarry:

All this outdoor activity is cutting into my quilting a bit, but it feels great to be outside, too.  I worked on a couple of tote bags this afternoon, as I wait for some light blue Downtown Abbey fabric to arrive.  When it does, I'll finish the flimsie for the throw I'm making, make the back, and get it all ready to go to the long armer.  I decided to send a few more items her way, just to clear out my "in- basket"!

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