Thursday, July 10, 2014

Too busy to blog!

We had family visit in waves around the 4th of July, so there hasn't been a lot of time to do anything more than clean, wash dishes and linens, grocery shop, and socialize.  It was also quite hot and humid much of the time, and we did quiet things whenever possible.  I did get an air conditioner for the guest/sewing room, which is quite a big help when the iron's on (which is whenever I'm sewing).

I worked on a black, white, and red sampler which went around in the guild "block robin" this year.  It only went to 8 people, so the 9" blocks needed to be supplemented.  I made a bunch of experimental blocks, including a small Carpenter's Wheel and a "disappearing hour glass," and I set the blocks in a rather haphazard way.  I'm waiting for some border fabric to come, and when I attach it, I'll quilt it myself.

I also finished putting together the red and white nine patch blocks I received in a swap earlier this summer.  I used an Irish Chain setting, with some shirting as the "solid" blocks.  While you'd think putting this together would be relatively easy, I had some trouble.  The final quilt measures 69" x 69" x 70" x 70".  Not all the blocks were the same size, and I have only myself to blame!  I mismeasured a few.  Groan!  I am hoping Lisa, the long arm quilter, can make it look OK

Sunday I'm hosting a farewell tea for Carol, former president of the state quilt guild.  She's moving to Pennsylvania to be closer to family.  We are each making a block that signifies ourself, so I made a Dutchman's Puzzle block out of Indonesian batiks.  In fact, the fabric came from a muumuu my mother bought in Indonesia.  Carol has been very generous over the years, always giving gifts of fabric to friends, and the last batch she gave me were some gorgeous Indonesian batiks in various shades of blue.  I hope to make a quilt out of them in the coming year.

Other than just plugging away at my appliqued borders on the Ocean quilt (one left to do), I've been walking twice a week in the town forest,  trying to get in a bit of yoga every day, helping to get ready for the annual Friends of the Library book sale, helping a friend with his campaign for the legislature, and more.  Life is never dull!

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