Friday, October 17, 2014

A commission quilt

I try never to do quilts by commission because, after making a dull t shirt quilt for someone years ago, I really want to spend my time working on something I like.  But I have one friend to whom I just can't say no.  She sent me a piece of fabric with French postcards and asked if I could use it to make a quilt for a little girl's room.  The postcard fabric is beige with black, so I thought more pink would help perk it up for a child.

Attic windows seems like a solution for these rectangular pieces, and I'll add all of these fabrics in some way or other.  It's really fun how cute some Parisian fabrics can be.  That HST block on the right is the result of making the mitered corners.  I think I'll do the attic windows blocks a little differently but will still end up with some HSTs to use somehow.

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