Monday, October 27, 2014

It's stick season

My fall doorhanging is just about the only place you'll see leaves these days.  After nearly a week of rain,  most have fallen from the trees.  People call this "stick season," but it's still pretty.  Every once in a while, driving around, you pass a house where the leaves are waiting to be raked up.  They look so pretty! 

The forest is more open with its blanket of leaves.  We hope to get out tomorrow for the last walk of the season (before hunting begins).  The last few walks have been cancelled due to rain.  Yesterday the sun came out after lunch, so we went for a walk on the bike path.  Got about half a mile before getting caught in a downpour.  We turned and hustled back to the car.

I've been making stews, lasagna, and other rib-sticking meals, and we really need to put the grill under wraps for winter.  I've also been spending more time knitting and am finished with one sleeve and working on the other one for a cardigan I've been working on since August, 2012!  My quilting has been taking a back seat, although I do hope to get the "ocean quilt" sandwiched this week.  The Loyal Union Sampler and Downton Abbey/Jane Austen quilts have come back from the longarmer, too, so they need binding.  Got to get my "mojo" working!

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