Sunday, November 9, 2014

Busy days

The election is finally over, and while my friend Guy lost for Vermont House, he worked hard and did fairly well.  We can work with the guys that won and see what the prospects are for another run in two years.  I have one more campaign finance report to file for him, but we ended up in the black which is better than a friend in the city who was down to change by the end.  I was impressed by the people who gave and their good cheer.

The town forest walks are over, too, so my weeks are a little less structured.  With hunting season starting along with iffy weather,  it's better not to be in the woods. 
But we will miss the fresh air, so Paul and I are trying to walk more regularly, including some longer walks downtown.  Here, in "suburban" Barre, there are no sidewalks which make walking a little less fun, especially with snow and ice.  We have already had some snow showers along with some crisp, sunny days to balance out the gloom of November.  (The photo at left is from September)

This week I finished and bound two quilts, made a table runner, did the month's steps for a mystery quilt, and delivered all of my items to the Nature's Way craft fair which is happening next weekend.  There are 14 pot holders, 6 quilts (baby and lap), 5 table runners, two sets of 4 placemats, 3 tote bags, and two hexagonal table mats.  Phew!  It only took me 2 trips to the car and back, so not that much really.  What is nice about this show is that it's held in a home, so items are displayed as they would be in one's home.  

Coming up this week is our monthly Central Vermont Quilt Show committee meeting.  We are busy getting the guidelines for entries ready and doing behind the scenes stuff.   One question is whether or not to make or buy black curtains to hang between the quilts on the racks so that quilt backs don't distract from the front of the one on the other side.  If we decide to make them, who...?

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