Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Toujours Paris

I've been humming "I Love Paris" while cutting out the fabric for this quilt I'm making for Yvette's petitite cousine en Quebec province.  She sent me fabric with sepia-toned postcards which I felt was too somber for a little girl.  So I have added scraps of pink in various shades along with some other more colorful Parisian-themed fabrics.  It's going to be bright! 

The postcards aren't quite square  and are odd-sized, so they present a bit of a problem while cutting.  Do you think it needs sashing?  I'll show it to Polly for her opinion, too, tomorrow when she's here for Thanksgiving.

I hope to finish soon and then I'm planning to stitch in the ditch with some simple outlining of the motifs in the center of the postcards.  I may have to quilt it in sections which is OK.  Hope she likes it - I'm not planning to finish until early 2015.  Yve is the only person I do any commissions for - I just can't say "non" to her.

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