Sunday, August 9, 2015

Photos - finally!

I finished making my six Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks today and took a picture.  The color of the month was lime green, and my box of blocks is quite full.  The next few months the colors are brown, gray, and black which aren't my favorite colors.  I'm going to lay them out one day next week and see if they are ready to put together or if I really should make some in those dull colors to round it out.  The original quilt used 6" blocks and mine are 9", so I may just go with these.  Next decision:  what color to use for sashing - gray, white, cream, something bright?

Thursday I finished the "Atlantic Crossing" top.  It measures about 40" x 40" so I plan to hand quilt it this winter.  It really wasn't difficult, but finding the fabric to finish was.  I had some lovely, soft P & B textiles maroon paisley on cream that is, of course, out of print.  After I gave up looking for it, I bought some cream on cream paisley by the same company which went fairly well.  At any rate, I'm pleased with the way it turned out.  The pattern is actually called "Atlantic Flyway" by Deb Tucker, but I kept calling it the other name, so that's what's sticking.

This weekend I also made a row for a row robin I'm doing with an online group.  I even sewed some embellishments on it, but on the outside chance the owner is reading this, I didn't take a photo.  It's ready to mail to the next person, but I'll hold off a bit since I just mailed her my starter row.  It does feel really good to finish a few things once in a while!

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