Friday, October 16, 2015

Beautiful fall weather

It took our foliage a while to peak, but when it did, WOW! Yesterday was so lovely - sunny, clear blue sky, temperatures in the upper 50's - that we just had to take a walk.  We ran into quite a few bikers on the trail along with a photographer who no doubt took some amazing shots.  He was headed to the Grand Lookout (at right) as we were coming down.

We are going to miss these walks in the forest.  Hunting season starts soon, it's going to get colder (we've had frost the last few mornings), and walking will grow increasingly iffy unless we're right downtown where the sidewalks are sanded and salted.  We did take a walk downtown earlier in the week on a rather gloomy day, and that was fun, too, since we stopped in various shops to look at and buy antiques (small), books, and bagels.

There is nothing like Vermont in fall, though.  We feel very lucky to live here.

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

we had no rain here while we were traveling and home today to see such dried grass and little fall color here still. Colder weather arriving but not freezing yet so colors might not be great this year we will see!