Monday, February 8, 2016

Ready to roll!

We take off tomorrow on a month's journey through the Mid-Atlantic and Southern states, with our ultimate destination Fairhope, AL.   I have been piling stuff up for days, and thank goodness I have plenty of tote bags.  I like to take a couple of pillows when we stay in motels since sometimes the ones they supply aren't all that fluffy.  The bag on the right has shoes - 3 pair for me, 1 for Paul - and the one next to it has towels and sheets.  Lest you think I am picky (even though I am a little), I don't know what we'll find at the apartment we've rented.  Better to take too much than not enough.

The cat bag on top has my projects - a wallhanging to quilt, socks to knit, and a block to applique.  That should be plenty for the time we'll be away, especially since there's a bag of books on the floor that you can't see.  My Kindle is also loaded with a few items.  We voted absentee this morning, and this afternoon we'll take our compost to the recycling depot.  Our suitcases are being filled, bird feeders are filled, and plants are watered.  Our neighbor has a key.  Chris will stop by when he has laundry to do.  After a good night's sleep, it's on to our first night's stop, Wilkes-Barre, PA.  Hoping for good weather!

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

have fun leaving winter behind you - nice to have an apartment rented for the stay instead of daily motel rooms! yes they do not always provide the softest towels and sheets aren't always great, good idea to bring your own. enjoy the warmth!!