Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hittin' the string basket

I keep a basket of "strings" going most of the time.  It includes strips left over from various projects, and every once in a while I dip in to make blocks, either on a 6" foundation or log cabin blocks.  I pile them up to use in scrappy quilts, and once in a while I paw through and throw away the bits too small to be used.

This weekend, I dipped in to make four 21" log cabin blocks for a different kind of block exchange.  Each person is to bring as many 21" log cabin blocks as s/he wants.  At the meeting, the blocks will be cut into four quarters, and everyone will go home with as many quarters as s/he brought.  (I say s/he because we actually have two men in our state guild - I am sure Bob will be bringing lots of these blocks)  Here is one of the four I made this weekend.  I noticed that by the end, the block was sort of wonky as we could make the "logs" and centers as big or small as we wished.  The resulting quilt should be quite fun, though.  Don't know if I'll make any more, but I do have until May if I want to do so.

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I have been thinking of making a quilt something like this too - I too have so many strings - it is about time I use them - the idea I saw is different then this in that the strips are not the same width and instead of a log cabin block it is a different design but reminds me of it