Sunday, January 24, 2016

26 blocks so far

Here are the blocks I've made for the 365 Challenge so far - two more than I should have made, but that's OK.  There were a couple of booboos along the way.  All of these 3" made in dark/medium squares are intended for the inner border of the resulting quilt.  Who knows if I will make it to the end?  Probably not, but they will make a nice border on a medallion using blue and green scraps.  I have so many, I can't close the boxes, so this is a good ongoing project for me.

The outer border will also use 3" blocks but they will be lighter.  In between will be some regularly sized blocks.  I can't remember what the center looks like, but I am thinking about an appliqued center, maybe from the book by Jenifer Gaston I have been eyeing.

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