Thursday, January 21, 2016

A new laptop

It's the middle of a busy week, so I'm just plugging along, keeping up with life.  We are having "normal" winter weather all of a sudden, after the warmest December on record.  This means snow and cold although there isn't a whole lot of snow on the ground really.  It snow squalled all day Monday and after that got very cold - in the single digits. 

As is often the case, the next day was sunny despite the cold, so we went out looking for a tablet or small laptop for me to take on my travels.  Chris loaned me his small tablet for reading the newspaper but the screen is just too small and frustrating to navigate.  It's fine for games, but who has the time?  I ended up buying an Acer "Travelmate" which seems to work fine so far.  I realized that I can take it into the kitchen and use it on the counter as I cook which is also pretty nice.   I am waiting for my King Arthur bread baking bowl to arrive, so I put some sour dough starter together and tried a loaf yesterday.  It's almost gone!

Meanwhile, I'm getting ready for our trip south in early February by trying to tie up loose ends - library board minutes, follow up calls for the library auction, publicity for the banquet/auction, treasurers report for the state quilt guild, and various round robins.  I'm working on Margaret's round robin for the local guild now and hope to get it delivered to the quilt shop for Marie next week.  Flying geese are my contribution, but I love Margaret's fabric - all bright polka dots.  My Viking Rose is in the shop so it's slower-going with the 100. Accuracy is a little more difficult.  I have a couple of projects prepped for travel, too.   Hope to finish knitting those socks along the way.

Genealogy club today and, later, a meeting of the library personnel committee.  And, as always, what's for dinner? 

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

let me know which bread baking bowl you have ordered and how you like it - I have been looking at them too. I don't bother with the sour dough starter as if I have it on hand I tend to over bake - meaning all the time and the pounds come on -