Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Bloom blocks

I finished the fourth Bloom block over the weekend.  I'm way behind (this is week 13!), but I'll catch up eventually.  Once I get working on a block, it is fairly easy, and I'm enjoying working with some wild fabrics.  I forget the designer's name...  Amy.....?
Each block measures 9" finished, and then Lori Holt, the pattern designer, suggests going around each block with 2.5" sashing and cornerstones, resulting in a double sashing that looks very scrappy.  I only put the sashing one side and the bottom.  I figure I can always add more when I have more blocks done and see if it's not too busy.  I'm using scrappy cream backgrounds which makes it fun, too.

I actually have made only 3 blocks of Holt's design.  The one on the bottom left is a Dresden Plate flower that I made using her templates.  Holt's plastic templates are really perfectly sized and, while I thought it a bit extravagant to buy them, they look like they will be handy in the future.