Saturday, April 9, 2016

What to do?

I've been pecking away at the 365 Challenge all year, but I must say it has been tough.  I started out the year in fine fettle by gathering lots of scraps in blues and greens and keeping them in a project box.  I could get out the little bits I needed each day to make that day's block.

The first months' 3" blocks used mostly darks and medium-darks.  When I laid them out, they were quite gloomy, so my enthusiasm waned a bit.  I knew they were to be a border, but, after we got back from Alabama, I didn't make any more.  I have about 30 so far.

While I was away, the directions for the center medallion appeared online, and I printed it out for a day in the future.   That day came a couple of days ago.  I worked feverishly on that center, partly because some of the measurements were as tiny as 16ths of an inch.  Quite a bit of precision needed!  When I put the finished center on my design wall, I noticed many of the seams just didn't match up and one side was on backwards.

I decided to make a new center and, perhaps, use parts of the old one in another way.  The block I ended up with is from Quilt in a Day and ends up at 10.5" finished.  Now I need to decide what to do next.  Should it be straight or on point?  I'll let it sit on the wall for a while before I decide what to do next.

The original design has a 6" border using flying geese, diamonds, and more dark blocks, but I think I'm going to expand this center with some scraps and then use the blocks I have as a border.    Maybe I'll catch up again with the 365 Challenge when the lighter blocks start appearing on the website.  Then again, maybe I'll just make some blocks in my green and blue scraps.  I have lots accumulated.  Sigh.  This is how UFOs are made!

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