Monday, June 13, 2016

Getting my steps in

It was a rainy weekend, so a nice time to do a little hand sewing.  My small quilt group was "homeless" for its June meeting, so I invited them here.  Only two people came (it's a busy time of year with high school graduations and such), but we had a nice bee anyway.  I got a few Lafayette Orange Peels sewn and/or prepped.  Whatever this will end up being is coming together quite quickly.

At last week's applique class, one person asked if I could show how to finish the block I designed, so this week I hope to get it machine quilted, just to show how applique can be handled.  I think it will end up as a pillow anyway.  Yesterday I basted the parts of the same block which I will use for the next class, since this was their homework.  It wouldn't do for the instructor not to do the homework!

We did get in another forest walk in between raindrops yesterday.  Walking with Samantha is always interesting because she notices things I don't always see.  This time it was a variety of amazing fungi growing on trees.  The small group had a good time.  One of our newbies was the guy who owns the comic book/collectible card shop.  He was a favorite of Chris' when he was growing up.  These walks are a fun way of meeting new people and sharing our enthusiasm for the forest, the views, and the history of the abandoned quarries.  AND I got in almost 8,000 steps Sunday!

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

some days I am lazy and barely get in 5,000 steps I need to work harder at it.