Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Mom, Jenny, and I went to the Vermont Quilt Festival Sunday, and it was great.  We arrived just in time for a gallery talk with Ruth McDowell, who is retiring from quilting (she says).   Because they're both non-quilters, Jenny and Mom really enjoyed hearing her talk about the process she used for her quilts, and I did, too, of course.  We looked at some of the contest quilts, then had lunch, and then looked at more contest quilts.  I also enjoyed seeing the antique quilts, some of which had hanging sleeves sewn by me.  Here's my favorite quilt:
It's really eight quilts showing a slightly different view of the same view.  Each could be a quilt in and of itself.  It won a third place ribbon, but I really enjoyed the slightly different techniques used in each panel, especially the sky.

We didn't have much time to visit vendors, which is fine since I have plenty of fabric.  I did get a couple of patterns for those little zippered bags - pea pods and another style - that use just one side of the zipper bent in half.  I also bought some aloe cream from a very persistent saleswoman.  If you see a "Hawaiian Moon" vendor at another show, run away fast!  It's very nice but I've got enough to last me a very long time.

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