Monday, July 25, 2016

On a roll!

Yesterday, I finally finished quilting the Lady Slipper Lodge round robin - phew!!  It's 80" x 80" so took me quite a few weeks.  The outer border, about 6" all the way around was done in a 1" grid which looks great but seemed endless.   I used a stencil for the center and did some stippling there and in the last round.  Using a plate as a cutting guide, I rounded the corners off after quilting, and now I'm hand sewing the binding down to the back.  I may do a few little bits of hand quilting since some of the last round seems a bit baggy.  What a good feeling!

This morning I put the binding on an off-center log cabin that I finished quite a few weeks ago.  It looks great and is boxed along with the Tumbler quilt.  I will mail them as soon as I can to the Parkinsons Comfort Quilt Project.   As you can see, I quilted each log approximately in the middle, and with individual blocks not being even, I did a lot of stopping and starting.  So it is definitely well quilted because I back stitch on these.  They will be washed a lot.

Below shows the back of the quilt and its quilting.  The blocks started out at 16" and they were split in four and swapped at the state quilt guild meeting in May.  Bob from our local guild made a king-sized quilt with the blocks he swapped, but I ended up making four more blocks in order to get the size I wanted.  It was fun and easy - I think I put the blocks together in half an hour!

After putting in my obligatory hour hand sewing that binding, I made a couple of "pea pods" with one piece zippers.  I'll take a photo when I can, but I must say, mine look more like footballs than pea pods.  Maybe when there's something inside they'll look better.  I thought I'd make them for Christmas and add gift cards.  Anyway, I am happy to have a big project behind me so that I can do a few smaller ones now.

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