Tuesday, September 27, 2016


...for my friend Yve to let me know if the quilt I'm making her to give as a gift will be twin or double bed sized.  I finished the curved log cabin quilt center a few days ago and it is still hanging on the railing upstairs.  I love the way it turned out, but it's too small to cover a double bed.  Yve's friends are trying to decide what size will fit in the little girl's room, but I hope they figure it out soon.  I want to finish with borders, get the back put together, and hand it off to the quilter when I see her at the state quilt guild meeting October 29.  I was on a roll, but now I'm getting involved in other things.

Today I finished the purple row by row quilt I did with an online group and sandwiched it for quilting.  The rows ended up not being in the order shown.  I put floral strips between the rows and set two of the rows horizontally, making it a big wider than the original 36".  That meant I had to add some odd scraps to get everything to fit.  It ended up at  45" x 55", so I managed to anchor the rows and start some detail on the blocks this afternoon. 

I'll keep quilting on it a little at a time, improvising as I go.  I love this sweet little quilt, but it really has turned out to be a baby girl quilt.   Will it sell on etsy?  Or should I give it to the library to raffle off?  Or should I put it in the auction at the library banquet?  We'll see! 

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