Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Holiday time!

I seem to be a little less productive lately.  Maybe it's the cold.  It snows a little bit every day, but now the prediction is for wind chills well below zero, too.  Ugh!  Even going out with the garbage or collecting the mail takes some effort.  Maybe it's just the feeling that the holidays are for relaxing.  Nonetheless, I finished a quilt top yesterday - 48" x 58" so not gigantic - but it took some doing.  It is a sampler of very disparate blocks from a swap, so I decided that blue went with them all.  I chose a lighter blue and a dark one and surrounded alternate blocks with one or the other.  It looks really nice, and maybe tomorrow I'll sandwich it and start quilting.

I made two batches of Chex Mix all morning Monday, and that was an accomplishment, considering it needs to be stirred every 15 min. for an hour or so.  One of these days I'll start baking cookies.  Manana - when it gets too chilly to do anything else? 

Sunday we put up our tree, and Monday I set up the Christmas village.  We usually do those things the other way around, but we had to glue the table for the village back together first.  The "antiques" in this house are always in need of repair!  I posted this photo on Facebook and a friend immediately recognized it as Dept. 56's New England village.  She has some of the same buildings.  The one at the top right is a quilt shop that came from Joann Fabrics and not Dept. 56, but I love it anyway.  If I ever find a library building in the same scale, I'll get one, but that particular set has been discontinued.

I've been waiting for my last package and, after I wrap its contents, I will feel more like I'm "on top of" Christmas.  Cindy, Sandy and I are going for a holiday lunch Saturday and we've been invited to an open house on Sunday.   Hope your holiday preparations are going well!

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

we are joining you for the cold weather this weekend!! I know you guys are kind of used to it but when temps here drop from 60 in the morning on Saturday to 19 at night it is a bit of a shock to the system and that is what it is supposed to be this weekend - I think Sunday 24 for a high and 16 for a low? ouch - go away winter and you have barely started.