Sunday, February 12, 2017


We are having a fairly serious snowstorm today.  This morning, we got out early to do a few errands - gas, milk, bagels, money machine.  Then we hunkered down, and the snow started right at 11:30 as the weatherman had predicted.  And it "poured."   By dinner time we had at least 6" and nothing was moving outside except the snowplows.

I spent the morning working on some 6" snail's trail blocks for a swap, and then I started working on another set - 6" orange peels.  The background is Craftsy's "boundless" cream and the "peels" use a set of William Morris charms I've had around for quite a while.  Love the subtle colors.   I'll square it up to size when they're all done. 

I still have some Grandmother's fan blocks to applique, and then the five sets I signed up for will be done.  Maybe I'll make another set or maybe I'll just make a few sets that no one else has signed up to do to fill out my quilt.  They aren't due til the end of September, so I have time to decide.

I had been thinking of doing a project with selvages today - maybe I'll work on them tomorrow if we're still snowed in...

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sounds like winter doesn't want to leave you alone! we are going back to what we call winter for the next couple days - 40's and low 30's at night - chilly for us after two nice days in the 70's - when it drops over 20 degrees it feels chilly. Sounds like a good time for you to stay home and quilt.