Friday, March 24, 2017


This morning I read a very timely item on the Moda blog:  Before going to Alabama I had sort of lost my sewing mojo.    Maybe it was the weather.   I did a couple of smaller projects, including some wool applique.  Those were fun, and, when I finished, I found I wanted to sew again.  While away, I finished up some fairly easy appliqued swap blocks and hand quilted on my Atlantic Flyway wallhanging. 

Now that we're back, I've been reading a lot because of a couple of my favorite authors have just published new books.  But I've also spent a good bit of time cutting and sewing for the scrappy 2.5" block quilt I started before vacation.  I have made 5 out of 9 16" blocks so far.  I'm finding I need to cut a few more 2.5" squares, not because I've run out but because I need some brighter colors here and there.  A lot of my leftovers seem to be neutrals.  But I definitely have my mojo back.

I've been doing the Moda Blockheads 6" block of the week which I'm doing in the same fabric as I used for the swap blocks.  I hope that this will result in a larger quilt.  With only the 25 blocks I'll receive,  I really need a few more.  So far the Blockheads blocks have been nice.  Wednesday, I made a bunch of 9" blocks of the month for one of my guilds and then I went to a very frustrating meeting about the library budget.  Upon coming home, I  decided to make the Blockheads block to cool off.  That was great, but when I got finished I realized the block I'd made was 9" instead of 6".  So I made another one.  I did feel better after all that, but a little sheepish, too.  Don't know where I'll use that 9 incher - maybe I'll make a few more that size and mix them together.

Who knows?  I may even get back to Dutch Treat soon.  I still haven't found the white-ish batik that I'd like to use.  I had been using a sold white and it frays too much.  But Sunday I'll meet Pauline for lunch in Burlington and head over to Jennine's quilt shop to see if she has something I can use.  Hope so!

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