Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Home sweet home

Chris and I went to Golden, Colorado, for a few days last week. He was turning 30 and has a few weeks off from work, so it seemed like a good time to visit my parents. We had a great trip with no slip ups, airplane-wise. The first day there, last Wednesday, it snowed the entire day and the roads looked quite iffy. So we stayed in, chatted with Mom and Dad, read, knitted, etc.

Thurs. we were the first in line for the Coors Brewery tour. We had both been on it before, but Chris wanted a refresher since he has been brewing his own beer for a while. The tour is free, and they give you up to three 8 oz. glasses to sample at the end. I had a glass of "Colorado Native" since it isn't sold outside the state. Chris had that and a glass of another ale-like beer. Afterwards, we walked to the parking lot because it had gotten a lot warmer, and we went to my favorite place for lunch, the Old Capitol Grill in downtown Golden.

Friday, we visited the Astor House museum which purportedly had the first bathtub in the Rockies. The lady who owned the boarding house made more money on baths than she did with overnight guests! We also stopped in at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum to see some lovely star quilts, replicas of historic quilts. Some were minis - amazing.

Saturday we ran some errands in the morning and went to Purple Ginger, an Asian Fusion restaurant and my parents' favorite, for a birthday lunch. My sister Jenny joined us, and we got home in time to take down Mom's outside Christmas lights before the big New England-Denver football game. Throughout the week, all we heard around town was talk of the quarterback, Tim Tebow, but he did not lead his team to victory unfortunately. The headline in the next morning's Denver Post read "Over and Ouch."

We left at 4:30 am MST on Sunday and were home by about 4:30 pm EST. While we were away, it had snowed about 6" and got very cold. Meanwhile, back in the Denver area, it was a balmy 55. We'll be back in June for Mom's 90th birthday.

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karenfae said...

must have been nice to visit Colorado in the winter, I don't think I ever have. Glad you had a good time.