Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rest in Peace

On Thursday, our faithful 16 year old dog, Max, went to his eternal rest.  We were there to say goodbye, and we really felt we had made the right decision.  He wasn't eating or drinking and walked very slowly outside when he used to trot happily as many times as he could.  Now our routine is way off kilter, and there is no one waiting to greet us when we come home or even come in from a trip out to the garage.  This is going to be an adjustment.  I haven't been without a pet for about 40 years. 

Max was a very popular dog when we owned the B&B.  People used to say he was "just the right size."  All the guests knew his name even though they forgot ours.  He entertained by jumping through a quilting hoop, and was rewarded by guests bringing treats.  In fact, some guests went to the Ben & Jerry's factory gift shop and got him some ice cream cone-shaped biscuits.  They told the clerk it was for the dog at the B&B.  The clerk said, "oh, that's Max, right?"

We don't have many photos of Max because he was very dark and his features didn't show very well.  We are definitely missing our friend.

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

so sorry about your pet, I'm sure it is an adjustment to make - I bet you made the best decision though - sounds like it was time.