Sunday, October 13, 2013

"Santa's" workshop

I have been busy making gifts for the holidays.  I'm usually not so organized, but I just happened upon a great tutorial for fabric boxes.  Each of these babies takes about 1/2 hour to make, out of 2 10" squares of fabric and a piece of batting.  There's quite a bit of machine quilting, but the result is really cute.  I still need to finish off the three I made with buttons and a little hand sewing, and I will probably make a few more.  They are perfect for burying gift cards with candy, or just candy, or a few fat quarters, or...

I was on a roll, so I got out all my old Grandmother's Choice blocks and started working with them in various ways.  I made some placemats and then made a reversible table runner using Insul-bright.  All of these use various blocks.  Now I still have about six 8" blocks which don't go well together, so they will probably end up being potholders.  I could just throw them in my box of miscellaneous things which I will eventually put together into a very scrappy quilt.  Anyway, I don't have anything to show for all my work - afraid someone will see what I have made him/her for Christmas!

After I make this week's Loyal Unon Sampler block, I'm going to start on a new quilt from a pattern Lisa gave me.  It's called "Aerial Spelunker" and will have brights with a black background.  Stay tuned!

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