Thursday, January 16, 2014

A couple of blocks

I have been working on small things lately, which is fine.  It keeps me occupied while the wind howls and it doesn't commit me too much, time-wise.  Today I made an infinity scarf using part of some silk my parents got me on a trip to China years ago.  I don't know what I'll do with the rest - maybe a few more scarves for family/friends?  The other day I finished two small heart pins made out of felted wool.  They are cute, and set aside for gifts (although I might wear one...).

Yesterday I made this week's Loyal Union Sampler block and a Spider Web block.  What looks like a pattern in the fabric for the LUS is really wrinkles.  It was paper-pieced and needed extreme ironing to lie flat.  However, that caused a lot of puckering in the fabric.  But!  "Finished is better than perfect," according to Brenda Papdakis.

The Spider Web is to go along with this month's Quilters Book Club reading, Spider Web by Earlene Fowler.  I will include it in my "square robin" quilt that's going around the guild right now.  That quilt will be black, white, with a hint of red.  I should be making a few more 9" squares to go along with the ones members of the guild are making.  Maybe I'll go back through the books the online group has read and make a few more to help fill out the quilt.

Yesterday, I made a 6" Nine Patch also - to go along with my Around the World blocks.   15 will come back to me, but they won't be nearly enough to make a quilt, either.  That's because, as my friend Susie says, I like to "work large."   Could 2014 be the year I work smaller?

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