Friday, January 3, 2014

Tough days

The light, fluffy snow started around midnight on New Year's Day and didn't stop until this morning (Friday).  It was below zero most of the day yesterday and even colder today, despite the lovely sun.  We have not been outside except to get the mail for two days!  Yesterday, I read a lot; today I sewed.  We have had quite a bit of bad news which I don't want to dwell on, but it has made us hunker down at home even more.  Paul's sister's husband passed away Tuesday.  We didn't find out until yesterday.  Frank had been having hospice care and it was expected.  Still, we are sorry to lose such a cheerful, fun person.  We'll be heading to Michigan next weekend, weather permitting.

Our dear friend Chet also passed away yesterday.  On New Year's Day, we drove to the hospital in Burlington to say goodbye.  He did come home yesterday and died about 15 min. after getting home.  He said, in the hospital, "the hardest part is letting go," so I imagine that is what he felt he could do once he was home.  He did some wonderful things for our community and will be sorely missed.   Paul will most certainly miss his support, courage, and positive outlook.

My dad went to the hospital on Tuesday and was diagnosed with pneumonia.  He's 87 and has Parkinsons Disease, so he isn't in the best of shape to deal with such an illness.  Yet he is determined, and was trying hard to do his physical therapy exercises yesterday.  I think he'll be moving to a skilled nursing facility soon (if he hasn't already).  My mom (age 91!) is managing pretty well, and I am thankful my sister Jenny is only an hour away to help.

My former mother-in-law Rosie (also age 91) has been in a rehab center for a few weeks after having a stroke right before Thanksgiving.  She is doing pretty well.  Since her husband passed away last year, she has wondered why she is still living, and we do whatever we can to remind her that we still need her.  All of these losses and near-losses make us realize how much family and friends mean to us.  We hope the new year will grow increasingly brighter as it continues.

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

my goodness the hits keep on coming to you - too much bad news in the space of a month for you - I hope the weather clears up so you can attend what you need to but I think more snow is coming your way isn't it. - hope your dad will be ok in the skilled nursing facility your mom is too old to deal with his care I bet