Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sewing through the storm

Long ago, I got a bunch of 2.5" strips from A Quilter's Garden through the Strip Club and thought they'd make a sweet tote.  I finally got them together in January, based on a pattern by Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Co.  Actually, I watched a YouTube, fast forwarding to the salient portions, and then made it just a bit smaller.  It went togethre quickly, but I got hung up on the closure - button?  magnet?  velcro?  My newer sewing machine doesn't do buttonholes very well, but the oldie does.  When the newer Viking went in for cleaning, I got out the old 100, and a buttonhole was the first thing I made.  The button is one of three handmade wooden ones that have been on several sweaters and other totes.  Now all I need is spring!

I like my bags roomy since I am always dragging papers and books around.  And those outside pockets are important for car keys and pens.  There are quite a few pockets inside, too, which will be great.

We did have a relatively large (14"?) snowstorm Thursday and Friday, so I spent quite a bit of time sewing (I really don't mind!!).  I made a couple of quilt backs, the tops for two table runners, four placemats, four matching napkins, and several quilt blocks, including a couple of Loyal Union Sampler blocks.  Tomorrow I'll do a little sandwiching and, when Rose returns, I'll have four quilts and assorted table pieces to work on.

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

my sister and brother down in Northern Maryland had more snow than you did - 15 inches one day and 3 the next!