Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sunny day before the storm

Apparently, we are again bracing for a snowstorm, to begin tomorrow and going big time into Friday.  This calls to mind what people refer to around here as "The Valentine's Massacre," a 31" snowstorm that hit us in 2007 (I think).  The store was busy this morning with people like me, loading up on provisions - e.g., two loaves of bread instead of the one I needed, Twizzlers just in case, etc.  I also got the usual Conversation Hearts and have to chuckle at how au courant  they are.  "Text me" and "BFF" are prominent!

Yesterday, Polly and I hit the road (and it was a beautiful day) for Yankee Pride over in the Burlington area.  We spent an hour and a half and some bucks buying fabric for backs and tops and just because.  I got enough backing for my navy blue quilt, fabric to go with the table runners/placemats I started Monday, and a very nice shirting printed in burgundy on cream to go with  the Downton Abbey "Sybil" bundle that came in the mail recently.  We had pad Thai for lunch, returned something at Home Depot, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Now I'm off to yoga and then a little fabric washing when I get home.   Hoping the Snow-maggedon passes us by!

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

LOL - sounds like you are ready for your storm - after all can't do without Twizzlers as long as you have that you will be fine!