Monday, April 28, 2014

Took some pictures today

It's sunny this morning but we expect rain for the rest of the week.  Just had to take a few quilt photos while we could.  Here's one of the Heart of Vermont guild challenge for this year.  Each person received between 1/2 and 2 yards of a very unusual fabric and had to make something featuring a traditional blocks made in at least three different sizes:

The green is the challenge fabric - it was a sort of mint, with gold, brown, and yellow flecks.  I used a light yellow batik as the background, and almost every inch of fabric in the 1/2 yard I had.

I also took photos of a new baby quilt that I'm listing on etsy.  You can see it at  I am thinking of buying a quilt rack for photography - the wind is so annoying, and we can't always find a nice day outside.  A friend got one on eBay - need to look into that.

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