Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Two finishes

Our quilt guild met last night, in a new location that we were very happy with - plenty of parking, good space, a real kitchen.  We will miss the library but we had outgrown it, amazingly enough.  The guild started the year I started working on the quilt show (2008-9), and we have over 70 members.  Amazing!  Here's what I brought for show and tell (sorry it's fuzzy - someone took these with her phone).

The first is a round robin I participated in last year with an online group.  I did the schoolhouse, and five others did the rest.  I quilted and bound it, feeling that it was complete just as it returned to me.  Love it!

 Next is what a person with too much time on her hands might do during a snowy day with a bunch of 2.5" squares.  I saw the center block in a book of "modern" blocks and just expanded it a bit.  It has lots of mistakes, but I enjoyed working on it anyway.

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