Friday, May 30, 2014

My Ocean Quilt in the making

This quilt is from American Patchwork and Quilting magazine, April, 2014.  It's called "Stamp of Approval" because it uses postage stamp-sized blocks (1.5") to make 16 patches.  I adapted the blocks to use 2" squares which I accumulate in a plastic shoebox.   After making all those blocks, my box is now only about half full which is nice.  Some rainy day I'll cut little scraps into 2" and 2.5" squares.  They are very useful for all kinds of projects.

My Ocean Quilt's background uses a teal "fossil fern," and the center is about 60" square.  Now I'm working on the appliqued borders which will be a little airier than the original - bigger, too, since this quilt calls for 3" borders and mine are 6".  In the corners I have repeated the 16 patches.  It's coming together great - and I have only two more borders to applique.   Then there will be a big dilemma:  how to quilt it?

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I would grid quilt it and go around the applique shapes - but I mainly hand quilt and do not know if you would. I love Fossil Ferns