Sunday, May 4, 2014

A bunch of blocks

I guess I have sewed the whole day today, and I'm not complaining.  It's been fun on this gloomy day.   We've had a lot of gloomy weather lately - either rain or drizzle.  My daffodils are finally out in the front of the house, and the lilacs are beginning to get leaves.  Spring is slow but IS coming.

I made a bunch of fall-colored nine patch blocks this morning for a swap.  I have a few more to make, but I wanted something easy to wake me up.  Then I moved along to the Loyal Union Sampler block of the week, which was a bit difficult at 6" (finished size).  I made it at 12" for the Cornucopia of Thanks last year and remember it as a little tricky due to inset seams.
This week's Austen Family Album block was quite simple, but I made the center square a little more decorative.  Just because!

Now I'm going to sit down and start a new book.  Yesterday I finished Mansfield Park after about a month of slogging and got a batch of books from the library as a reward.  I don't remember ever finishing this Austen book before, and I have read all of her others at least two or three times each.  Don't know if I'll ever tackle it again! 

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