Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy holidays!

"Merry Christmas" to my Christian friends and "Happy Holidays" to those who follow other religions or are nonbelievers!  I like Christmas even though I am not religious - the lights, red and green and a few other colors thrown in, the food, the ritual. 

There are a few things I usually do, such as make Chex mix, put up the tree, and light up the Christmas village.  My many Beanie babies come out of hiding, although their ranks are a little thinner this year.  I sent a batch to my niece in Holland since she has a new baby.   I always plan some nice meals, including one with friends on Christmas eve and brunch with Chris on Christmas day.  I like a low-key Christmas day, and we usually have one. 

I have only spent two Christmases with my parents since I became an adult, which is really a shame.  I hate to travel during the holidays - too much hustle bustle, too many chances of getting hung up somewhere.  But this year is especially bittersweet since Dad is gone.  I'm really glad my sister can be with Mom since the rest of us are scattered around the country.  My friend Karen, who lost her husband last New Year's Day, is heading to the Bahamas for a non-holiday with her son tomorrow.  I said to Paul and Chris, "why didn't we think of that?"  It sounds quite nice!  

The new year is right around the corner and promises plenty of fun - hoped-for trips to Alabama and the Grand Canyon, lots of quilting, our local quilt show, plays, concerts, and surprises of one kind and another.  Best wishes to you for 2015!

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

best wishes to you to for a very Merry Christmas. We usually have a bit of a quite Christmas now that the kids are grown and only one lives near by. A trip to the Bahama's sounds like fun!!