Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A couple of finishes

I finished binding one quilt and put labels on both of the ones I have finished lately.

This quilt was made with swap blocks from two swaps - 6" churn dashes and 6" nine patches.  I had to make one more churn dash block, and I have some nine patch blocks left over.  I'll probably use them as potholders one of these days.  I quilted it on a grid, down the center of the sashing and in the middle of each block.  Then I used a smaller grid on the plain blue squares around the outside because they were a little wavy, being on the bias.  They flattened out with quilting, though.

The "Jack's Chain" below was a little small, so I added some more 6" churn dashes and a few split nine patch blocks for the borders.  That center was a killer and I worried about getting it to lie flat while quilting.  But it did, thank goodness.

Both of these quilts are going to the Parkinsons Comfort Project, for people in Vermont and New Hampshire.  I'll mail them after the holidays so they don't get lost.  With the holidays arriving, I have a lot to do, but it sure is nice to work on a project here and there.  So today I got out another batch of swap blocks to see if I could get them together.  These blocks are from quilters all around the world, so it's the "Around the World" quilt, using Indonesian fabrics.

I have some snowball blocks to set between them and then will make a border or two.  I have some hand work to do also - appliqueing and quilting, but it has been so gloomy lately that I just can't get to them.  Hope to do that if the sun comes out.