Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mixed blessings

Returning home from vacation, especially one that's nearly a month, has its up- and down-sides.  It feels awfully good to sleep in one's own bed and drink one's own coffee.   It's really nice to rattle around in more space than our small Alabama apartment or the motel rooms along the way.  And catching up with friends and getting back into familiar routines feel right, too.  We did have an awfully good, carefree time.  We walked a lot, ate well, read quite a few books, and enjoyed the Alabama warmth.  Eating outside in February is really nice!

Our trip home was shorter, partly because we didn't stop to sightsee.  Atlanta traffic was horrible, and I resolved to find a less stressful route next year, even if it's a bit longer.  In mid-Virginia we stopped for gas and ran into a librarian I worked with over my 30 years as a statewide consultant.  What are the odds of doing that 1,000 miles from home?   We were reminded again of what a small, closeknit state we live in.  And while we had planned to stop for the night in New York state, the weather for the next day were threatening - snow, sleet, and freezing rain - so we pushed on, making it home after a 12 hour drive.

But now there's reality to deal with:   the Vermont cold and ice; the need to wear a jacket zipped up and gloves, even to go to the mailbox; the groceries to buy, dinner to cook, seemingly endless mountain of laundry to deal with.  And of course there are projects to get back to:  the library Friends banquet/auction Saturday night, round robins to complete, doctors' appointments to make, and taxes to file.  Mostly, I'm concerned that a dear friend is in the hospital intensive care unit after a fall on the ice.  Besides some broken bones, she has suffered an extreme head injury.  I need to be here to lend support whenever and however I can. 

Today I hope to get back to the yoga routine, start work on one round robin, decide on project(s) for the applique class I'll be teaching in early April, and get some more bird seed.  My son loyally came over to fill the feeders while we were gone.  With temperatures this morning at 5 degrees, those chickadees, pine siskins, and cardinals are very busy keeping warm.

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sounds like you had a great time. If we drive in the Atlanta area we always take a big tour around the metro area - hate that place to drive - even if it is a big detour you don't loose that much time because you are not sitting still in traffic for hours. Hope your friend will be ok.