Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Spring planting

We've always had a shady spot behind the lilac bush where grass didn't grow.  Right under a kitchen window, it doesn't get a lot of sun and is pretty bare except for some moss.  Chris offered to help me plant a little shade garden there, and today was the day.  It was cool out, just perfect for digging, and he and his friend Mared were done in no time.  The adjoining house is currently for sale, but I hope the new owners will let me extend the garden next year.  I'd like some more ferns and bleeding heart.  We'll see how this variety of plants does, especially after the winter.

I finished quilting the May section of my Dear Yve quilt and have just two more blocks to applique before I can put the June section together.  It's been a fun year-long project, but I'm ready to be finished.  By the time it's all together it should be a generous double or maybe even a queen-sized quilt.  I keep swearing I'll make smaller quilts in the future!

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

A nice little garden space!