Monday, June 11, 2012

Cash Mob!

Last Saturday afternoon, despite rather rainy weather, Paul and I joined the Cash Mob downtown in support of local businesses.  The idea is pretty simple.  We gather at City Hall Park, in this case the gazebo since it was raining, and then go en masse to an undisclosed location to spend about $20 each.  Because Main St. is under construction all summer, people have been avoiding the stores there.  This is a good way to get acquainted with stores we might not usually shop in, and we also meet new people.  

The first Cash Mob in April went to the new bookstore in town where we spent a total of about $2,000.  In May we visited Simply Delicious, a candy/gift shop where the men, especially, were introduced to the great wines and truffles they carry.  This time we went to Grackles, an antique shop where, ever the optimist, I bought a picnic basket.  Paul got a vintage bank and also stopped into Coins and Hobbies next door.  Even though it was raining, 30 people joined the fun.  We've met some nice people along the way and feel good giving local shop owners a boost. 

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